Guiding Principles

The underlying principles that define the way FMFB-T operates are:

1.      Resilience Ц we recognize the vital role of profitability in securing long-term financial viability and strength. The Bank aims to develop a robust ROE by ensuring that its cost/income ratio is consistently improving and that its growth is founded on a funding base of customer deposits 

2.      Prudence Ц we apply  a conservative approach to business development, a commitment to sound risk management principles and a culture of compliance with all banking regulations and with the laws of Tajikistan, in both letter and spirit


3.      Ethical behavior Ц our daily work is founded on respect for ourselves, for our employees, for our customers, for our shareholders, for our regulators and for all our other stakeholders, including the wider society and people of Tajikistan


4.      Dedication Ц we recognise that we owe a duty of care to develop our Bank to the best of its potential in the interest of serving the development needs of the whole of Tajikistan