FMFB-T offers a suite of deposit products for individual clients for daily cash management, money transfers and to encourage savings. All deposit accounts are opened free of charge.

Clients can chose from the following products to identify a solution that best fits their needs:

 Savings Account for daily use, no interest is paid
 Easy Deposit Savings Account accumulate and grow your savings
 Individual Term Deposits short and long term investment accounts
 Child Deposits save funds for your childs future
 Diyor Deposit Account remittance-linked savings accounts with attractive interest rates

FMFB-T guarantees reliable service and safety of funds deposited into its accounts. We are a member of the Tajik Individuals Deposits Insurance Fund (IDIF), listed under No. 043. Information for Depositors (Russian). For details about IDIF in English, please click here.

How to Apply

Deposit accounts can be opened at any FMFB-T Branch or Banking Service Centre.

All customers need to do to bring their passport (along with the permanent registration address) to any FMFB service outlet. Our customer service officer will be happy to advise customers on the right product, or combination of products to meet their financial needs