Child Deposit


This product is offered to encourage savings for children under the age of 18. The product allows customers to open a term deposit account for their children and make contributions to it over the entire term

Quick Facts

  Currency of Account


  Minimum opening balance

TJS 100 / USD 20

  Maximum balance

No restrictions

  Minimum term

1 year

  Maximum term

18 years

  Annual Interest rate

till 1,5 years TJS 10% / USD 0.5%

above 1,5 years TJS 14% / USD 0.8%        

  Interest accruals


  Interest payment

Compounded at the end of each month. Paid on maturity only

  Interest rate terms

The interest rate will be fixed according to the prevailing tariffs of the Bank as per the mutual deposit agreement. If the rates will be changed, the Bank will publish the new proposed rates for Child Deposit product in local newspapers Asia Plus, Reklama or Millat and they will also be displayed in FMFB Branches/BSCs 30 calendar days before the new rates become effective

The customer has the right not to accept the new terms, which should be communicated to the bank in writing within 30 days from the date of announcing the new terms to terminate the deposit contract. By such termination, the customer will get all his/her outstanding balance plus the accrued interest till the date of the contract termination

  Replenishment of deposit   account

Allowed without restrictions

  Methods of deposit account   replenishment

  • By cash through any FMFB service outlets or payment terminals
  • Non-cash from other accounts with FMFB, other banks or through the remittances systems


Not allowed

  Early termination of deposit   contract

Allowed. In case of premature withdrawals before the end of the first year, the accrued interest amount is not paid.

The accrued interest will be paid in full for each completed year and at 50% for the current year 

  Additional advantages

The Customers having Child Deposit accounts for more than 1 year have the opportunity to take an Express loan according to the prevailing credit terms and conditions for the amount not exceeding 75% of the deposit account outstanding. In such case, the deposit account is used as cash collateral.

The terms of disbursed loan should not exceed the term of deposit


Х Save for your childТs future at a well-respected and safe local bank
Х Earn high interest to grow your savings
Х Access express loans against your term deposit balance for accounts that have been open for more than 1 year (see terms and conditions, additional advantages)