Diyor Deposit


This product is offered to all individual customers working abroad and interested in saving part of the money they send home.

The product is designed to help the migrants generate savings. The product can be opened/used by the migrants transferring money themselves and also by the beneficiaries receiving money from the migrants

Quick Facts

  Currency of Account


  Minimum opening balance

USD 20 / RUR 1 000 / TJS 100

  Maximum balance

No restrictions

  Minimum term


  Maximum term


  Annual Interest rate

TJS 2%         

  Interest accruals


  Interest payment

Accrued on daily basis, compounded and paid monthly

  Interest rate terms


  Replenishment of deposit     account

Allowed without restrictions by cash, if the money is received from outside through the remittances systems or SWIFT or directly non-cash. For cash-in transactions, the Client must provide proof that the funds were received via remittances systems or SWIFT at an FMFB outlet.

  Methods of deposit account   replenishment

Through remittances system Unistream and Contact or SWIFT channel


Allowed without restrictions. The funds from the Diyor deposit account can be withdrawn by cash or transferred to another FMFB account at the customers request.

For customers transferring money from Diyor deposit account to their other accounts with FMFB, a scanned request via email is allowed.

The migrants completing and submitting to the Bank an Authorization letter can make up to 4 internal transfers from the Diyor deposit account to the accounts mentioned in the Authorization Letter.  Only requests from the email address which is mentioned in the Authorization Letter are permitted.  For fully completing such requests, the Customer should call the bank and indicate the code word, which is also mentioned in the Authorization Letter for additional authentication purposes  

  Early termination of deposit   contract



 Directly deposit your remittance funds into your FMFB account

 Remotely access and manage remittances sent to your account

 Earn high interest on remittances sent

 Secure your remittance funds with a well-respected and safe local bank