This product is offered to a wide range of micro entrepreneurs who are involved in trade, service and manufacturing activities.

It can be used for acquisition of fixed assets and working capital needs of existing businesses. The facility is designed to assist the microenterprises with expanding the production capacity of their businesses.

Quick Facts

  Minimum loan size

TJS 100 / USD 20

  Maximum loan size

TJS 50,000 / USD 10,000

  Minimum loan term

1 month

  Maximum loan term

  • 36 months for working capital loan
  • 48 months for fixed assets loan


Guarantor is required for this facility and full financial analysis of the guarantor will be conducted by the bank


The prime collateral is considered the business and private property of the customer with a value of not less than 150% of the loan

  Grace period

  (only principal amount)

  •  1 month for working capital loans
  •  4 months for fixed assets loans


The product is offered in both TJS and USD

  Interest rates in TJS

  32% -35%           Interest rates are stated annually

  Interest rates in USD

 22%-25%            Interest rates are stated annually


Borrowers may be offered a 1% discount if they open an FMFB deposit account and access and service their loan amounts through it

  Early closure

Allowed with the condition to formally report but no penalties

How to Apply

Interested clients should consult with the nearest branch or banking service centre.

Clients should bring with them the following documents:

Х Copy of a valid passport
Х Tax Identification Number (TIN)
Х Two recent passport size color photos
Х Business investment plan
Х Patent or business license
Х List of items being pledged as collateral


Х Flexible product terms that allow micro-enterprises to tailor a solution to best meet their financial capital needs
Х Attractive interest rates with the potential for further discount if the customer opens an FMFB deposit account and services their loan through it
Х Generous grace period to provide sufficient time for procurement of working capital or purchase and installation of fixed assets
Х Transparent and collaborative loan application process that is rooted in integrity and customer protection principles