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Home / Apartment Purchase loans are offered to anyone with a source of income that is sufficient to repay the loan. These loans can be used for purchase of a new house/apartment anywhere within Tajikistan.

Quick Facts

  Minimum loan size

TJS 18,000 / USD 2,000

  Maximum loan size

TJS 270,000 / USD 30,000

  Maximum loan size for rural areas

TJS 135,000 / No USD lending in rural areas

  Minimum loan term

6 month

  Maximum loan term

120 months for TJS

96 months for USD


Guarantor is required for loans above TJS 9k. The full financial analysis of the guarantor is required 


Collateral is required for loans above TJS 9k.

  Grace period

  (only principal amount)

1 month


  TJS and USD

  Interest rates in TJS

33% (26% for payroll clients) Interest rates are stated annually   

  Interest rates in USD

25% (16% for payroll clients) Interest rates are stated annually                      

  Early closure

Allowed with the condition to formally report but no penalties as per the NBT requirements.

How to Apply

Interested clients should consult with the nearest branch or banking service centre.

Clients should bring with them the following documents:

Х A copy of a valid passport
Х Two colour passport size photos
Х Tax identification number (TIN)
Х A copy of passport for the co-borrower(s) if appropriate
Х Tax identification number of the co-borrower(s) if appropriate
Х A copy of the technical passport of the property to be purchased
Х Ownership certificate of the property
Х Certificate of income source from his/her employer
Х A copy of employment agreement
Х Copy of a valid passport of the guarantor
Х Tax Identification Number of guarantor


Х Attractive interest rates with the potential for further discount if the customer opens an FMFB deposit account and services their loan through it

Х Long loan maturity term allows customers to make home purchases now while spreading out payment for these purchases over an extended period of time

Х Transparent and collaborative loan application process that is rooted in integrity and customer protection principles