Money Gram


MoneyGram is bringing you closer, by making sending and receiving money more convenient! Today there are 354,000 agent locations in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Whether you need to transfer money down the street or across the globe, or need a location to receive a money transfer, MoneyGram is almost always nearby

Quick Facts

  Transfer Currency


  Limit for Receiving   Money

USD 10 000

  Available Locations

All FMFB service outlets (only for receiving money)


Varies based on client need and amount being transferred. Please consult your nearest branch for further details

How to Receive Money:

To receive remittance clients are required to provide their passport to the FMFB-T remittance officer.

Х Additionally, the client should know:

Х Code consisting of 8 numbers

Х Full name of remitter

Х Amount and currency of remittance

Х Country of remitter


Х Global reach through a network of 350,000 local agents across more than 200 countries and territorie;

Х Diversity of agents and locations gives you choice and convenience, with many offering extended hours so client can send and receive money at a time that is convenient for him/her

Х Fast and easy money transfer