UNIStream is registered in Russia as a Banking Institution licensed by the Central Bank of Russia to provide money transfer services. The Bank is the operational and coordination center of the International Money Transfer System. Unistream provides money transfer services and operations at 335,000 locations across 100 countries and territories, worldwide. Unistream allows you quickly and inexpensively transfer funds to relatives and loved ones.

Quick Facts

  Transfer Currency


  Limit for Receiving   Money

TJS 70 000 (or equivalent in USD, RUR or EUR)

  Limit for Sending Money

TJS 14 000 (or equivalent in USD, RUR or EUR)

  Available Locations

All FMFB service outlets (only for receiving money)


Varies between 0.7% and 1.5% based on client need and amount being transferred. Please consult your nearest branch for further details

How to Receive Money:

To receive remittance clients are required to provide to the FMFB-T remittance officer:

Х Passport

Х Unistream Client Card (for first time receivers, a client card will be provided free of charge)

Х Banking requisition, account number and number of the credit

Х Additionally, the client should know:

Х Alphanumeric / digital code (from 10 to 20 symbols)

Х Full name of remitter

Х Amount and currency of remittance

How to Send Money

For sending money through the remittances system, the customer should provide to the bank the following documents

Х Copy of passport
Х Copy of INN

The customer will be charged as per the tariff of remittances systems. For money transfer with business purposes, the customer is requested to provide to the bank a contract, invoice, quotation or  any other documents acknowledging the payment for goods or services.


Х 300 000 service points and 400 partners across the globe

Х Simplified procedure for transfer of money offered to Leader Client Card holders

Х Through the Unistream system clients can replenish their account as well as repay their credit in any country where the account is opened or the credit is taken