Zolotaya Korona


Zolotaya Korona is part of the Center of Financial Technologies Group. The service has been in the business of transferring money without an account since 2003 and renders its services in Russia and neighboring CIS countries. The network of Golden Crown includes more than 40,000 agent locations in Russia, the CIS, and other countries.

Quick Facts

  Transfer Currency


  Limit for Receiving Money

  TJS 70 000

  USD 20 000

  RUR 600 000

  Limit for Sending Money

  TJS 14 000 (or equivalent in USD or RUR)

  Available Locations

  All FMFB service outlets (only for receiving money)


  Varies between 1% and 1.5% based on client need and amount being transferred. Please consult your nearest branch for further details

How to Receive Money:

To receive remittance clients are required to provide to the FMFB-T remittance officer:

Х Passport


Х Additionally, the client should know:

Х Code consisting of 9 numbers

Х Full name of remitter

Х Amount and currency of remittance


Х Instant service of unaddressed remittances without opening an account
Х Low rates
Х 48 000 service points available in countries including: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Vietnam, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, China, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, Nepal, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Czech Republic