Current Account

This product is offered to all legal entities and can  be used for cash, settlement and
fulfilling all other day-to-day operational activities.
Quick Facts
  Currency of Account TJS,USD, EUR or RUR
  Minimum opening balance Not required
  Maximum balance No restrictions
  Minimum term n/a
  Maxi      mum term n/a
  Interest rate n/a
  Interest accruals n/ a
  Interest payment n/a
  Interest rate terms n/a
  Replenishment of deposit   account Allowed without restrictions
  Methods of deposit account   replenishment - By cash through any FMFB service outlet
- Non-cash from other accounts with FMFB, other banks or through the remittances systems
  Withdrawals Allowed without restrictions. The fund from the current ac count can be withdrawn in cash or transferred to another FMFB account in accordance with the prevailing terms, conditions and legislation
  Early termination of deposit   contract n/a

Х Secure your money  at well-respected and safe local bank with strong, internationally recognized shareholders
Х Easy access to your funds at any FMFB-T Branch or Banking Service Centre across Tajikistan  
Х Easily make payments by transferring money from your account to those of your suppliers or partners based anywhere in   Tajikistan
Х No fees for deposit, withdrawal and transfer of funds from your account to another FMFB account
How to Apply
Institutional Current Accounts are available only through FMFB-T branches. In order to open an account, Clients must provide the following documents:
Х Request form and questionnaire for opening bank account (bankТs form);
Х Bank account agreement (bankТs template)
Х Signature card (bankТs form);
Х Copies of passports of all Signatories;
Х Certificate on state registration and statement for unique state journal;
Х Informational letter from tax and Tax Identifying Number;
Х Social Fund Identifying Number;
Х Charter