Swift International Money Transfer


S.W.I.F.T. (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) is an international interbank system for transferring information 

and making payments. The system allows you to make payments or transfer large sums of money in foreign currencies to any country all over the world to individuals and to legal entities.

Quick Facts

  Transfer Currency


  Available Locations

All FMFB service outlets (for both sending and receiving money)


Х  Receiving money is free

Х  Tariffs for sending money vary based on client needs and amount being transferred. Please consult your nearest branch for further details

How to Send Money

For sending money through SWIFT in foreign currencies, you are requested to provide the following bank details and provide the amount of transfer and details of your payment by filling the FMFB payment order template:

Х Beneficiary full name
Х Beneficiary  full address
Х Account number/IBAN/ABA
Х Bank of beneficiary
Х Full address
Х SWIFT code
Х Correspondent account number
Х Correspondent bank name
Х Full a      ddress
Х SWIFT code

Please also kindly provide a contract, invoice, quotation or similar any other documents.

You will be charged according to the prevailing tariffs of FMFB for this service.


Х System is available worldwide that can be received anywhere in the world within minutes
Х Easily transfer large sums of money
Х Ability to send funds to individuals or legal entities
Х Ability to transfer  m        oney in many different currencies