Term Deposits


Term deposits are offered to all legal entities and allow them to earn high rates of interest on their free business resources. Funds can be put aside for a variety of durations depending on the needs of the client.

Quick Facts

  Currency of Account


  Minimum opening   balance

TJS 50, 000 / USD 10, 000 / EUR 10, 000

  Maximum balance

No restrictions

  Minimum term

1 month

  Maximum term

5 years

  Interest rate

          Please refer to Interest Rates on Deposits

  Interest accruals


  Interest payment

Simple. Paid by deposit maturity only

  Interest rate terms

The interest rate remains fixed for the full term of the deposit

  Replenishment of   deposit   account

Not allowed

  Methods of deposit   account   replenishment

-By cash through any FMFB service outlet

- Non-cash from other accounts with FMFB within 10 days from date of account opening

  Withdrawals within   the   Deposit   gross   period

Not allowed

  Early termination of   deposit   contract

Allowed.  In case of early termination, the client is paid according to the interest rate which was applicable at the time of opening of the deposit, for the actual deposit period minus 1% penalty for the early termination. If the termination happens during the first month, the interest is not paid at all


Х Secure your money at well-respected and safe local bank with strong, internationally respected shareholders
Х Earn high interest to grow your excess business resources
Х Automatic transfer of your funds into your current account upon maturity of your term deposit

How to Apply

Institutions Term Deposits are available only through FMFB-T branches. Term deposits can only be opened after an institutional client has opened an FMFB-T current account. This requirement does not relate to the deposits by financial institutions.

In order to open an account, Clients must provide the following documents:

Х Request form and questionnaire for opening bank account (bankТs form);

Х Bank account agreement (bankТs template)

Х Signature card (bankТs form);

Х Copies of passports of all Signatories;

Х Certificate on state registration and statement for unique state journal;

Х Informational letter from tax and Tax Identifying Number;

Х Social Fund Identifying Number;

Х Charter